Many people in Cardiff North have told me that though prices have gone up their their wages have been frozen or cut. The cost of living is rising.

Labour has promised to freeze energy prices as one way of lowering the cost of living. This would give time to reform the energy market and replace Ofgem. Please support our campaign by signing the petition calling on David Cameron to freeze energy prices now.

Click here to sign the petition

Too many young people in Cardiff are struggling to find work.

I have spoken to people who because they don’t want to leave the community where they grew up are force to pay the bedroom tax. There are not enough one bedroom flats in Cardiff anyway. Labour would scrap the bedroom tax.

People with disabilities have been reassessed without compassion by ATOS, a private company employed to cut the benefits budget.

I have spoke members of trade unions who see first hand the injustices caused by changes to employment law, taking rights away from working people.

I am determined that we should have a Labour government for a recovery that benefits everyone, cares about the most vulnerable and believes in fairness.


One response to “Campaigns

  1. jgibson98

    Austerity is crippling the most vulnerable people in Britain and it’s just making the poor poorer and the rich richer – this is very unfair considering it was the rich who caused the crisis and subsequent austerity measures in the first place!
    It’s disgusting! What happened to respect for the working classes? Thatcher destroyed all of that and now we’re demonizing them as scroungers. There’s hope though, the opposition to conservative cruelty is growing and I commend you Mary for fighting for social justice and equality. Thank you!

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